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I sat down with Mum and Dad after Esme died, asked questions to see if what I remembered actually did happen.  I took notes.
Mum had to be coaxed a bit but eventually got quite talkative about her father, Grandad Osborne.  She said someone should tell his story because he was such a good man, there was so much more to him than most people saw.  
His family had come to the valley about the same time as Dad's family and the Squires also.  Families who arrived bought a selection, felled trees to clear the land and sold the timber.  My great-grandfather, Noah Jessie and his first wife, Margaret Kelly came from England and their two children were born at Townson - Winnie in 1878 and Tom.   Margaret was kicked by a cow when she was pregnant with a third child and was taken to Laidley, 20 miles away by dray.  There she waited for an hour for a train to take her to Ipswich.  She died shortly after arriving at the hospital.  I can't begin to imagine what an ordeal that must have been.
My …