When I went to school we learnt about the early expeditions of the men who first explored Australia.  A child who did not know the names of “The Explorers” and where they had explored had something lacking in their education.  I think most kids were like me, totally in awe of these fearless men. Surely they must have been fearless.  Either that or crazy to go off exploring in that harsh land the way they did.  I suspect it was a combination of both.  Allan Cunningham was one of these early explorers and on themorning of 23 August, 1828 August he and his troop of men left their tents to climb a high point of what they thought was the Great Dividing Range but was actually the Little Liverpool Range, expecting to see a passage to the Darling Downs which he had discovered from the west the previous year and now sought a way through the 'gap” from the east. 
The party reached the summit of Mt Beau Brummel from which they observed a valley and named it Laidley Creek Valley after a prom…


When I was a child Nudgee was known for a few things.

There was Nudgee College, a prestigious Catholic boys’ school.It’s actually at Boondall, a fair distance from where we lived.It has been there since 1891 and has beautiful old buildings. Peter won a scholarship to attend Nudgee as a ‘day boy’ when he attained the highest pass in Queensland by a child attending a Catholic school in the Scholarship exam which all school kids sat in Grade 8.(We started in Grade 1, so were around 13, and in our last year of primary school, when we got to Grade 8.)To get there by public transport would have involved a train and then a bus ride but there was a track through the bush and Peter rode his bike that way.

Nudgee Cemeteryhas been a Catholic Cemetery since 1867 and is still operating.It’s just a few streets from where we grew up.  My mother and father, Dad's mother, three of his brothers and three of his sisters are all buried there.The cemetery website has a search function where you can sear…